SHOSHONE CO. – Some restaurants and businesses in the Silver Valley had to abruptly close their doors on Thursday because they did not have water.

Earlier in the week, a large water main that serves the cities of Kellogg, Smelterville, and Pinehurst broke, leaving thousands without water. As of Thursday, crews were still making repairs.

Crews hoped to have the water flowing by Thursday evening, but for restaurants in the area, that meant a lost day of business.

The lights were off, the doors were locked, and the owner of the Humdinger, Laura Little, was not flipping burgers like normal on Thursday afternoon.

“I was watching a movie and doing some book work,” Little said.

Like the rest of Kellogg, the Humdinger did not have any water. Little said the local health district called her Wednesday night to give her a heads up that no water meant no business.

At least eight restaurants in Kellogg were closed on Thursday. Even chain restaurants like McDonald’s and Subway had to close their doors. Though, a couple of restaurants were still open with only a trickle of reserve water running. But once that trickle stops, they will have to close too.

During a month like April when the tourist season has yet to start, closures are anything but ideal.

“Oh, just waiting for it to come back. It’s supposed to be this evening, I guess,” Little said.

Once water is flowing again, the water district will still have to flush the system and do some disinfecting. As a result, the county will be issuing a boil order.