WALLACE, Idaho – As if driving in rainy slick weather was not hazardous enough, now there is one more thing residents in Shoshone County have to watch out for – saran wrap.

Shoshone Co. Sheriff deputies are investigating a group of individuals that take saran wrap and attach it to columns along Interstate 90, then stream it across the roadway.

Deputy Jeremy Ross said several cars suffered damage, including one where the windshield shattered.

"You hit anything at 75 (miles per hour,) it could absolutely do damage," Ross said.

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Authorities said a thin strip of plastic is actually comparable to water because, if it was struck at close range the damage would be minimal. Deputy Ross said going highway speeds and striking the plastic could be disastrous.

"Could be absolutely fatal," he said, "absolutely."

The Idaho Transportation Department personnel caught the suspects in the act Sunday night, but the suspects took off on foot and got into a vehicle before law enforcement arrived.

Authorities have little information on the suspects other than they were wearing dark clothing and had flashlights.

"It's warming up, people are starting to ride their bikes again," Ross said.

"That could be a serious, serious issue."

Deputies said that if someone were to be killed by these actions, it would mean manslaughter charges.