KELLOGG, Idaho – A massive fire destroyed Kellog’s historic McConnell Hotel Tuesday afternoon. Embers from the fire floated to several other buildings, including Pizza Palace.

Many viewers asked KREM 2 on social media if Pizza Palace was severely damaged. Fans will be happy to know the owner said she has no plans of slowing down.

“We are a close knit town and we’re going to get up and running. We’ll be moving,” said Pizza Palace owner Eileen Roeh.

Eileen Roeh is the owner of Pizza Palace, but said most people know her as “the Queen.”

“That’s how the Pizza Palace got started; because people call me the Queen of Pizza,” explained Roeh. “But I didn’t take it literally. Then, once I decided to build a new restaurant, that’s how I got ‘The Queen.’”

As the historic McConnell Hotel went up in flames, an ember floated across the street towards to the restaurant. When the Queen heard her palace was under possible attack, she dropped everything and found the iconic clock tower on fire.

“It’s part of the palace, so we’re hoping to get that back up and structurally sound real quick,” Roeh said.

To the Queen’s luck, the fire only damaged part of the roof and some of the clock tower. Roeh said she she will have to repairs those damages as well as the water damage on the ceiling.

“We’re waiting for electricians to come and make sure the conduits are all good,” Roeh explained. “Avista is going to come down and turn on our pilots. And we’re hoping to be back up and running tomorrow making pizzas; business as usual.”

Considering how close these businesses are to each other, Roeh said without the knights in hazmat suits, the damage could have been much worse. Roeh said she hopes to plan a community open house next week as a way to say thank you to the firefighters for their hard work.