KELLOGG, Idaho - Multiple buildings in downtown Kellogg, Idaho caught fire on Tuesday afternoon.

The McConnell Hotel was reported as on fire by the Shoshone County Fire District 2 at about 3:20 p.m. The Shoshone County Sheriff's Office confirmed the fire had spread to multiple buildings at 4 p.m.

Officials said two buildings were lost, the historic McConnell Hotel and a vacant building. The hotel had stood there for more than a century.

Firefighters said the compacted layout of town caused the fire to spread so fast. Officials said winds carried a burner ember two blocks away and started another fire inside a vacant building. As of Tuesday night, parts of the building were still burning.

"It was scary, because I knew if we got on fire, the whole town was gone," said Kellogg resident Lynn Roose.

Roose owns a shop directly across the street from the McConnell Hotel. She said seeing the iconic structure in ruins was not easy.

"In its heyday it was full of people, glamour, a door man at the door. The McConnell Hotel was it," she said.

Officials asked that people stay clear of the area until the fire is out. Crews will be on scene all night making sure the flames do not flare up and spread to nearby businesses.

North Idaho College Silver Valley Center in Kellogg closed Tuesday afternoon due to the fire.