KELLOGG, Idaho – A fire destroyed a local landmark in Kellogg, Idaho on Tuesday.

The Historic McConnell Hotel was built more than 100 years ago. It closed about five years ago, but in its hey-day, it was full of life.

Museum records say the hotel had modern amenities for its time back when it opened. It originally had three stories, until a fourth was added later.

The Seely family owned the building for 52 years. It later housed brokerage corporations and served as a meeting spot for the local VFW.

"It was just such a beautiful and elegant building,” recalled Marlene Young, who grew up in Kellogg. “You went in and there was the old brass cage style of elevator. You'd walk in and open the little gate and step inside, close the gate behind you, then hit your buttons and it would take you up.”

Young said it was hard to see something once so beautiful now destroyed.

“It was kind of devastating because it's been a part of my life,” she said. “Living and seeing it, walking by it every day. And now you look, it's been gutted in a matter of moments."

Another resident, Johnny Fenton-Wollaston said his father used to operate that old elevator and work the front desk.

He still had the bottles of liquor and beer once served in the McConnell Hotel.

"I'll never sell it. Never sell it,” he said. “This is priceless."

No word yet on what caused the fire.

While only a few photos and a brief blurb of the hotel’s history remain, residents in Kellogg like Young and Fenton-Wollaston said they will keep memories of the McConnell Hotel close to their hearts.