WALLACE, Idaho -- Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice! The Route of the Hiawatha Mountain Bicycle Trail at Lookout Pass is opening May 27, 2017.

This 15 mile rail-to-trail mountain bike and hiking trail utilizes the Milwaukee Railroad between the old town site of Taft, Mont., and the North Fork of the St. Joe River near Avery, Idaho. About an hour and a half outside of Spokane, this scenic trail delivers a one-of-a-kind adventure for all visitors.

The Hiawatha includes 10 tunnels and seven trestles as high as 230 ft. The most noteworthy aspect of the trail is the St. Paul Pass Tunnel that stretches 1.66 miles and burrows under the Bitterroot Mountains. And the best part? It is all downhill! There is even a shuttle bus that will take you and your bike back to the top.

A wide variety of ability levels can enjoy the trail and its rich history. Wildlife sightings of moose, elk and deer are also a frequent treat.

Trail passes, shuttle tickets, mountain bike rentals and more are available here