KELLOGG, Idaho– The Kellogg Police Department responded to a call of a foul odor in Wardner, only to find a rotting elk in someone's backyard.

Officers said a neighbor located the odor by “using his nose.”

The odor came from an elk carcass in a neighboring back yard. Reports said the elk was recovered from an elk vs. car accident on the freeway and then taken to the home.

According to the police report, the resident said they thought it was more important to go camping than to properly dispose of the dead animal.

“Idaho has this great code that is made just for this kind of problem. It called Public Nuisance: ‘Anything which is injurious to health, or is indecent, or is offensive to the senses,’” KPD said on their Facebook page.

The report goes on to say the home owner was cited and told to remove the carcass.