SHOSHONE CO., Idaho – The “creepy clown” phenomenon that has been sweeping the country has come to Idaho, according to deputies.

Deputies with the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office received a report of harassment via Facebook. After investigating, deputies found the harassment is being perpetrated by an individual dressed as a clown.

School officials said there have been reports of students being harassed online by the clowns. School leaders also said they are working with law enforcement on the matter.

Officials said the harassment included Facebook messages threatening to exhibit stalking behavior and violence.

Deputies said the instances all involve fake Facebook pages belonging to people dressed as or identifying themselves as clowns. The people behind the messages are making disturbing threats.

The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office said they take these reports seriously and are currently working on “clown” cases that have been reported. SCSO and the Prosecutor’s Office said they would like all citizens to know they will be investigating all reports of this type of activity.