CRAIGMONT, Idaho – A crash on US-95 near Craigmont closed the roadway for over seven hours on Wednesday evening.

Idaho State Patrol officials said 48-year-old Isreal Z. Rodriguez was driving northbound on US-95 when he slowed to avoid a dear. His load shifted, sending a 2300 ingot of lead onto the roadway.

A 27-year-old driver suffered injuries when he was struck by the ingot. This caused the front of his semi-truck to be ripped out and sent the semi skidding on the roadway.

The semi came to rest on the northbound side of the road near a ditch. The driver jumped out of the semi due to a fire, his load had shifted and he was struck by a truck he was hauling. A passenger in the semi also suffered injuries.

Rodriguez did not suffer any injuries and was issued a citation for unsecure load.