SEATTLE - Nathan Ureta says he received his new driver license in the mail on Saturday. By Monday, it was temporarily confiscated because the card's new look caused some confusion.

Ureta says he ran into a problem Monday evening at a concert venue. The bouncer closely examined his license.

"He looked at it for a while, a bunch of different angles with his flashlight. He called somebody in on his earpiece and told them to come take my I.D.," said Ureta. "They had, like, their best I.D. checker look at it, and they decided that it was fake."

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Ureta, who just turned 26, says he recently renewed his license online. He says it was confiscated at the concert venue until the confusion could be cleared up.

"That was the first I.D. of that kind that they had seen," said Ureta.

The Department of Licensing did add new features and brighter colors to cut down on counterfeits, according to Director Pat Kohler.

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"There is just so much identity theft out there that it is important that we go through that process so that we protect the citizens of Washington," said Kohler in a statement on the department's website.

The state plans to phase in the new look over the next several months, making it available at all 56 D.O.L. offices sometime this summer.