SEATTLE -- A Seattle woman says she is auctioning off her virginity so she can help her family after their home was destroyed in a fire.

"People say you are supposed to do it for love," Katherine Stone told CNN. "But if you think about it, I am doing it because I love my family."

Stone, 20, says her family did not have insurance when their home was destroyed in 2014. They were forced to continue living in the home.

She says she learned from an ad on Facebook about the money she could make working at one of the legal brothels in Nevada. She contacted Dennis Hof, who owns seven Nevada brothels, and cut a deal. She can sell her virginity, and he keeps half the profits.

Hof tells CNN he gets two-to-three requests similar to Stone's every week.

As of Monday, Stone says the highest bid has been over $400,000. She is still waiting to accept an offer.

Stone says she currently works at the brothel doing what she calls "PG-13" services that don't include intercourse. She says she plans to continue working there after she gives up her virginity to raise money toward going to law school.