SPOKANE, Wash --- A Riverfront Park Surplus Auction will auction off pieces of the park’s history on July 22.

The auction will take place at Reinland Equipment Auctions in Post Falls, Idaho at 9:00 a.m. Saturday. The address is 2618 North Beck Road. Any items not sold will be available monthly at subsequent Reinland auctions until they are sold. The auctions will be held on September 9, October 21 and December 2.

Items being sold include:

A menu board with a light.

Oak tables.

A power stair climber.

A microphone stand and podium.

An oscilloscope.

Three carousel horse replicas.

Film projectors.

Gold and brass lamps.

Three eight foot benches and five eleven foot benches.

A pallet of audio equipment.

An audio mixer.

A life size resin pig, mouse and rabbit.

Four Kona bikes.

Three Parkpre bikes.

Brass swing lanterns with glass globes.

And a reader board with a case.