POST FALLS, Idaho. — The graveyard shift at the Post Falls Police Department experienced an interesting occurrence at a Walmart Friday night.

According to the very humorous report from one Post Falls Police Officer, officers responded to Walmart for a customer who was unable to get her car to start. She opened the hood of her vehicle and found a marmot trapped in the engine compartment.

The officer said a citizen and a tow truck operator from Recovery Masters helped remove the animal’s fur from the fan belt. What follows in the report is when things get interesting. Read the full encounter, written on the Post Falls PD Facebook, with “Chuck” the marmot below.

“Once Unstuck Chuck was free Officers began the tedious task of negotiation with the furry stowaway. Chuck was very reluctant to leave his new found feast of electrical wires. When attempts to talk him down failed the Officers and helpers turned to their tools and used multiple methods of extraction.

Finally, Chuck gave up and fled the Dodge Neon. While congratulatory back patting was taking place Chuck returned to his life of crime and found another vehicle to unlawfully enter. Once again, Officers tried to reason with the rodent who now seemed tired and perhaps a little stressed out. Begrudgingly, he quickly gave up and was captured. Officers quickly took him into custody and left the area before Chuck could reoffend. We are happy to announce that Chuck was granted a full pardon and was released back into his natural habitat. He has been trespassed from Walmart."

Thank you to the Post Falls Officer who wrote about this incident in such a humorous way!