BONNER COUNTY, Idaho -- Every time Cynthia Mason would drive along Highway 200 in Idaho, she would see turtles making their way across the road.

“They don’t make it across all the time,” Mason said.

Mason took matters into her own hands to try to protect these animals from the danger of crossing the road with cars passing by. After a few dozen emails, Mason convinced the Idaho Transportation Department to put up signs warning oncoming traffic about turtles crossing the highway.

The signs were met with support from state biologists and helped protect the turtles from a fate that Mason has become familiar with.

"I've seen more smooshed than I've been able to save,” Mason said.

Now, Mason is fighting all over again because the signs were recently stolen. Only some pieces of wood from the broken posts remain.

“Somebody has it. Somebody knows that somebody has it,” Mason said. “And I hope that they'll turn them in.”

Mason reached out to the ITD to try and get replacement signs put up. The department said new signs are expected to come in about a month.