GIG HARBOR, Wash. -- What 13-year-old doesn’t like playing with her dog?

But when Sydney Mackey hangs out with Spitfire, they’re not playing around.

They’re usually setting records or winning world titles competing in dock dog tournaments against adults.

“I just like spending time with my dog,” said Mackey, who is about to start eighth grade at Reeves Middle School in Olympia. “I think that’s why I like doing it so much.”

Spitfire is a four-year-old whippet. He looks a little like a black greyhound.

He and Sydney practice at Brown Dog University, a dog training facility in Gig Harbor.

Coach Kristi Baird expects more titles and records in “Team Sydfire’s” future.

Baird said Spitfire is one of the best vertical and distance jumpers in the country, but she said the relationship between Spitfire and Sydney is another reason for their success.

They’re always together.

“These guys work, play, train, hang out, do homework,” said Baird, “We call it team mojo around here.”