SPOKANE, Wash --- A Spokane woman gathered donations and will drive her horse trailer to Texas to help with the disaster relief on Sunday.

Alysia Allenby got her horse trailer from her husband last fall as an anniversary present, for the next three years. Within the last 24 hours she packed up the trailer and on Sunday will drive down to Texas to help with hurricane relief efforts.

“My goal is to help transport animals and livestock out of the hurricane areas to temporary homes,” said Allenby.

Allenby has received donations of care packages and supplies from local groups and organizations. Now, all she needs is more money to help pay for fuel.

“I pretty much have my trailer about full when it comes to picking up everything that has been donated. But I'm going to need a lot of financial donations for fuel because I have to get down there and I'm going to be transporting livestock every day. Then I also have to get myself back home,” said Allenby.

The trailer can open up so Allenby can load it full of supplies before she needs to put any animals in there.

Allenby decided to make this trip in the past day, and KREM wanted to know what inspired her to do this.

"I just couldn't imagine losing everything and having to leave my animals behind and make sure my kids could get out. Why have to pick or choose? People down there don't have a roof over their head, they don't even have a bag of clothes with them," said Allenby.

If you would like to help Allenby get to Texas and help with her efforts you can got to her GoFundMe page or her PayPal account to contribute.