On any given day around Amazon’s South Lake Union campus in Seattle, employees’ dogs are a common sight as they sniff and do their business and point their noses toward whatever food truck is nearby. On Friday, the dogs had a little extra strut in their step, as they took part in a Halloween costume gathering hosted by the tech giant.

Big dogs and little dogs and everything in between were dressed in a wide range of costumes during the lunchtime event, which was sponsored by Downtown Dog Lounge. Roughly 200 employees and half as many dogs roamed the Van Vorst Plaza on Terry Avenue North as vendors handed out treats (for humans, too) and pitched pet services.

There were superhero dogs (Batman, Flash, Captain America, Supergirl, Superman) and Star Wars dogs (Ewok, Bantha with sand person) and other pop culture dogs (Ghostbusters, Harley Quinn, Thing One). There were also little Seattle Seahawks dogs and plenty of dogs dressed as food items — namely, a taco and plenty of hot dogs.

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Photo Credit: Kurt Schlosser / GeekWire photos