SPOKANE, Wash --- From Wednesday to Saturday all kittens, felines six months and younger, are available for $35 at Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS).

That is half their normal adoption price and it still includes spaying/neutering, licensing, microchipping and the first round of vaccinations.

“We’ve been lucky in the last few months to keep ahead of the constant arrival of cats through transports. This week our local transfer and our regional partners are full of kittens so we need the public’s help,” said Executive Director of SCRAPS, Nancy Hill.

Their goal is to adopt out 35 kittens by Saturday.

Every year SCRAPS takes in over 6,000 cats, most of those arrive during the summer months. Many of these cats and kittens are people’s pets but they have no license or microchip so they cannot be returned home.

In Spokane County only three percent of cat owners come to find their pets when they are lost.

Many of these felines are abandoned or are the off spring of pets and live their entire lives on the streets.

By adopting at SCRAPS you are also making room at the shelter for other cats, and helping pay for spay/neuter services that will end overpopulation in Spokane County.