Several displaced baby owls, victims of last week's windstorm, are being cared for by an animal rescue group.

The owls are in good hands.

"That's sort of our specialty, the owls," said Claudia Supensky, who owns and runs For Heaven's Sake Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation with her husband, David.

They've cared for lots of owls in the past and have several on display that can't be returned to the wild. But they have high hopes for the newest residents.

"We've got 13 right now, babies," she said. "Five of them came from one nest."

Eight of them are barn owls; the other five are the much quieter and docile barred owls.

Supensky says the windstorm either destroyed their nests or knocked them out. Either way, the parents can’t take care of them anymore.

"They're orphaned babies at this point because once the nests were down, the parents couldn't maintain feeding them anymore. So had we not gotten them, they would have died. That's just how it is," she said.

For the next several weeks they will all be hand-fed and cared for by a corps of volunteers. Then they'll learn to fly and hunt on their own.

Supensky hopes to be able to return them to the wild at the end of summer.