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A Bothell woman was walking her dog, Emma, Friday morning when her dog got loose and was hit by a car.

However, thanks to the efforts of Bothell Police, Fire, and Public Works, and Snohomish County Animal Control, Emma is now safe and recovering after a very dramatic ordeal.

Immediately after being struck by the car, Emma crawled into a storm drain to take refuge. She was out of the reach of both the driver and her owner, so the authorities were called in to assist.

While getting into the storm drain posed an initial problem, Bothell Police Animal Control Officer Murdock quickly thought to cap a fire hose to help guide Emma out and into safety.

Emma was returned to her owner and quickly rushed to a veterinarian. She is in stable condition after suffering from a broken jaw.

After sharing Emma's story on Twitter, Bothell Police received many responses thanking them for their service.