SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- A Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted a cougar roaming around a neighborhood Monday morning.

Fish and Wildlife officials responded and used dogs to search for several hours near East 12th Avenue and South Adams Road. Officials said they found cougar tracks in a resident’s garden, but have yet to find the animal.

Wendy Woudenberg said she noticed there was a fresh set of tracks in her yard that were too big to belong to a cat or dog. Woudenberg mentioned it was not the first time she has seen a cougar walking around their neighborhood.

Fish and Wildlife said cougars are most active from dusk until dawn, so it is likely the cougar is lying low in the heat. Officers hope it will leave the area on its own. “This cougar hasn’t displayed any behaviors, other than being here… hasn’t displayed aggression.”

Since the cougar has not shown any aggression, officers recommended people in the area keep an eye out especially after dusk. Fish and wildlife set up cameras where it was last seen, so they will know right away if it comes back.

If you see the cougar, you are asked to call the Department of Fish and Wildlife at 509-892-1001. If it is after 5:00 p.m. call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.