SPOKANE, Wash --- Excelsior Youth Center was awarded a $217,000 grant through the Community Development Block Grant Program to help fix the youth center’s leaky roof.

Excelsior serves at risk youth ages 10 to 24, and they applied for assistance from the City of Spokane and the Neighborhood Councils to repair the roof. The CDBG funds, combined with a neighborhood council grant, will enable Excelsior to make the needed repairs and improve the living conditions for the youth they serve, said a City of Spokane press release.

“Our proposal aimed to improve the quality of life for our residents who are abused and neglected children. Repairing the damaged and leaking roofs will help protect the environment of engagement, comfort, and trust we work hard to build with the youth we serve,” said Excelsior CEO, Andrew Hill.

City staff conducted a site visit in March to evaluate the property and get a better idea of the capital needs. Excelsior submitted an application for consideration by local neighborhood councils and received an award of $10,000 earlier this year, according to the release.

The city officials’ evaluation showed the roof membrane had separated from the roof’s edge and water was leaking through several places in the ceiling. Strategically placed water buckets were being used to catch the water coming through the ceiling, said city officials.

The City CHHS Department received an allocation of $217,000 from the CDBG to help Excelsior make the roof repairs.

“A primary goal of the CHHS department is to make sure that the most vulnerable in our community have access to safe and stable housing. These repairs will ensure that young people receiving services and housing through Excelsior have just that,” said CHHS Director, Dawn Kinder.