Just days before Christmas, Tukwila police got into a highly unusual high-speed chase -- a stolen car full of stolen mail. At times, the suspects in the car started throwing things out the window at the officers.

The chase started when an officer tried to pull over the car because the front license plate was missing. The driver stopped but then sped off when the officer approached the car on foot.

The chase wound through neighborhoods and busy streets with speeds reaching between 80 and 90 miles per hour and officers considered calling off the chase but decided to continue.

The driver crossed over the center line and the passenger threw a fire extinguisher and a suitcase out the window at the officers' cars. Officers were forced to swerve as papers from the suitcase flew all over the roadway.

Finally, an officer performed a successful pit maneuver and the car spun around and stopped. Immediately, the driver jumped out and took off running.

As two officers go after the driver, the passenger appears to comply and put her hands up. As soon as an officer turns his back, she jumped out and ran in the opposite direction.

It was a short pursuit after she fell on the ground. The woman told the officer she ran because she was afraid.

The other officers caught up with the driver and arrested him. One officer is heard telling the man he put everyone involved in danger "you could have killed somebody" he is heard saying on a police body camera recording.

When they look in the stolen car, they found tools and items frequently used by car thieves. There were also several license plates in the car and the one on the bumper belonged to a different Honda Civic.

The car was full of stolen mail. Packages, Christmas cards and other items that didn't have the suspects' names on them.

Mail theft is a chronic problem in the area and the driver, Kavie Sop, is known to these officers. The passenger claims she knows nothing about the car or the stolen mail.

She was later booked into jail on reckless endangerment and drug charges. Sop was charged with felony evading and car theft.