You'll be able to use your Washington State driver's license to board commercial flights until October 2020, thanks to a bill Governor Jay Inslee signed Tuesday.

"It brings Washington State into compliance with the REAL ID Act," said Tony Sermonti, legislative director for the Washington Department of Licensing.

Gov. Inslee signs Real ID bill

The act, passed after the September 11 terror attacks, requires states to add security enhancements to drivers licenses and ID cards, and issue them only to people who can prove they're in the U.S. legally.

"It really takes the pressure off," said Sermonti.

The state had faced a January 2018 deadline, but with the bill signed and federal authorities indicating they will approve it, Sermonti says the state has until October 2020 to encourage people get enhanced Washington drivers licenses, which do meet the federal standards.

The District of Columbia also is in compliance with the federal law. Most of the remaining states and territories have extensions on complying with the law.

The bill also reduces the cost of those licenses from $108 to $78.

Even after the new deadline, you can still opt for a standard license, but it will be marked as not REAL ID compliant, and you’ll need additional identification, like a passport, to board commercial flights and to enter other federally secured areas..

"This will help to ease problems at border crossings, airports, federal courthouses, and military bases where REAL ID compliant documents are required," said Governor Inslee, before signing the bill into law.

The Associated Press contributed.