If you drive westbound I-90 near Issaquah you'll see it, perched high on a hill.

"Randomly throughout the day, you'll just hear a honk, honk," said the owner of this Interstate icon.

A humongous homemade salute to the Seattle Seahawks, built by a couple of buddies who are such big fans, they're willing to risk life and limb to keep it in place.

Like the team it honors, it is both mighty, and scrappy.

"It's just a tarp. A blue tarp but it's great!"

The man behind the massive 12 tarp is Mike Treuting. His hometown is New Orleans, and he put a Fleur de lis on his roof when the Saints went to the 2010 Superbowl. But in 2013, when the Seahawks won the playoffs, his decorating loyalties shifted.

"So when the Seahawks made it to the Superbowl, all of our buddies -- I'm a season ticket holder, I've been here since 97 -- said 'look, we can see that thing, lets get something big so everybody from the Interstate can see it."

So Mike -- and his buddy Miguel Galvan -- hung the 600 square foot blue tarp '12' from some trees a couple of years ago.

"The big problem's been keeping steady here, keeping it tied down. The wind up here's insane," Treuting said.

The flag almost didn't make it to the playoffs this year after a tackle by a windstorm last October.

"It was down, we weren't even sure if we were gonna be able to get it back up," said Treuting.

But Mike and Miguel persevered -- just like their favorite team.

Mike feels the work, rickety ladders, frayed bungie cords and all, is worth the effort.

"It's a battle. But, it's big. It's a beacon!"

And as the Seahawks head into the playoffs, this beacon flies over the freeway again. A homemade homage to the home team.

"So maybe we're fanatics. We could be fanatics."

So next time you see the big blue tarp 12 when you're driving on 1-90, make some noise.

And show some love to the builders of the giant Issaquah 12.