Accidental shootings are always a tragedy, especially when a child is in the line of fire.

New statistics have found that the rate of accidents involving children in Idaho is twice that of the national average.

Just this past August, a six-year-old boy shot and killed himself in Weiser.

Experts at Cliff’s Guns, Safes and Reloading recommend purchasing a safe to keep firearms locked up and away from children. Also, take the extra step of purchasing a gun lock or something similar.

“In a cylinder, you press a button and that little round thing that turns, you can put a padlock though that and make the gun inoperable,” says Mike of Cliff’s Guns, Safes and Reloading. He declined to give his last name.

Mike also says to store ammunition separate from the gun.

“If you’re going store it, in my mind you need an empty chamber but some people want a loaded chamber because they want ready access in case of an emergency but you have to weigh that against safety. Safety has to be the imperative.”

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game also offer a Hunter’s Safety Course, which teaches first time users, or those less familiar with guns how to handle and operate firearms.

Mike adds that it never hurts to talk with specialists, while purchasing a gun of your own.

“If you go to any of the gun shops, someone that has a bit more experience, no one should feel like oh I'm incompetent or I don't want to be embarrassed by my lack of knowledge. Have people help you, find out what works for you, find out what's safe.”