Police have described Joshua Dundon as paranoid and possibly under the influence of drugs but neighbors tell a different story.

According to his next door neighbor, Dundon lived here with his two girls for the past four years.

He was frequently seen outside, working on his car and his girls playing in the front yard.

During the winter, Dundon was known to shovel snow from his neighbors' driveways.

"When we froze over here he and my father would talk about clearing the ice and things along those lines," says Emmett Bolles who lives several houses down.

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Bolles says he spoke with Dundon briefly in passing.

"He was a nice guy, he was just nice, just being a father, kids playing in the yard things like that," says Bolles.

Bolles was aware that Dundon and his two kids were missing but was shocked when he saw the AMBER Alert and learned Dundon was a suspect.

"Then my father told us that in Nevada he saw his truck burned," says Bolles. "I shocked because he wasn't the type of person I would expect to do something along those lines, then again I don't really know him, so to see him do that it was just out of the ordinary for me."

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Dundon's father also stopped by his son's house today to pick up the mail.

He didn't want to appear on camera but said his son was "a really good kid" and "just lost."