Would you ever eat grasshoppers for a snack?

Even if you wouldn’t, hundreds who attended Mariners games over the last three days did, and the concession stands sold out.

Concessions served over 18,000 grasshoppers in 901 orders at the Mariners first three home games this season. That comes to a total 30.8 pounds of insects eaten, according to the Safeco Food Twitter account.

901 orders
30.8 lbs
18,000+ grasshoppers pic.twitter.com/LpUUOZTHWA

— Safeco Foodie (@SafecoFieldEats) April 14, 2017

The Mariners partnered with local restaurants and breweries on its new menu this season, including Poquitos, which is responsible for the Oaxacan chapulines, or chile-lime salt seasoned toasted grasshoppers.

Moving forward, Safeco Field concessions said it would limit total grasshopper orders to 312 per game to manage inventory. Why 312? It’s Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez’s batting average, of course.