Want to make it to 107?

Ruth Hofto credits a healthy lifestyle and staying active.

“We walked to school, even as a five-year-old, a mile,” said Hofto, who turns 107 on Saturday.

Hofto never drank or smoked, she still walks as much as she can and loves painting and gardening.

A stroke has slowed her down and she doesn’t have much of a short-term memory.

“It left me with all the early things,” said Hofto, who still remembers getting a red rocking chair for her third birthday, May 13, 1913.

She also recalls shaking hands with J.C. Penney when she worked at the Tacoma store.

Hofto said there are a lot more cars today than there were when she was a kid.

When she was born, the Titanic was being built, there were 46 states in the U.S., and women could not vote.

“It’s a better place,” said Hofto.