SAMMAMISH, Wash. -- One night after a big Friday night win, the Skyline football team was back on the field, making dozens of kids' dream become a reality.

There was a different kind of practice Saturday night at Skyline High School.

Mikey Walter is a Liberty High School senior, who is also a mentor through the non-profit "Athletes for Kids." The group pairs high school athletes with kids who have disabilities.

Mikey is one of about 50 athletes acting as a mentor during this practice, along with the Skyline football team. They want to inspire kids like eight-year-old Jack, who has confidence issues.

A big event like this for Jack is normally overwhelming, but his mentor Ben was there for support.

"Ben's there to help him guide it through..and helps Jack understand that it's going to be all right," Keri Crossley, Jack's mom says.

There were a lot of winners on the field: the mentors, their parents, and the kids.

This practice might as well have been their Super Bowl.

"As a parent it touches my heart like nothing else can becaue I see my kid as perfect just the way he is, and to have someone else see him as perfect," says parent Rebecca Partridge.

Athletes for Kids has about 100 members who spend about an hour a week with their mentees.