SEATTLE, Wash. – The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man it says is responsible for a wildfire that destroyed 28 homes in Wenatchee last summer.

The sheriff’s office says Jeremy J. Kendall, 37, was arrested Wednesday for first-degree arson in connection with the Sleepy Hollow Fire which started in late June.

According to probable cause documents, Kendall confessed to starting the fire. He also allegedly told the sheriff’s office the Department of Health was “somehow transmitting voices to his head and also controlling his body.” He allegedly told deputies the voices in his head and other factors were too much to deal with.

Kendall admitted using a lighter to ignite some dry grass, the documents read. Kendall also allegedly pointed out on the map where he started the fire. Deputies say it matches the spot identified by state fire investigators, but that information was never made public.

Court documents reveal Kendall owns a truck similar to one seen leaving the scene of the fire when it started.

The fire burned 2,900 acres, destroyed 28 homes and several commercial buildings.

There were no deaths or serious injuries.