Formal charges will not be filed against the accused Cascade Mall shooter until January 6, 2017. That is what the Skagit county prosecutor and Arcan Cetin's defense attorney agreed to in court on Friday.

"Normally, it's a 30 day [deadline]," said prosecutor Rich Weyrich. "But you might imagine, the reports in this case are voluminous, involving hundreds of people, so we wanted to have the opportunity to examine all the things here."

The 20-year-old Oak Harbor man is believed to be the person who walked into the Burlington Macy's on September 23, gunning down five people.

Cetin's attorney, C. Wesley Richards, asked the judge to quash search warrants for the mental health records from two of his doctors, citing doctor-patient privilege among other reasons. The judge granted the stay for now.

We asked Richards about Cetin's mental state, and whether he is able to assist in his defense.

"Sorry," Richards said. "I don't think I can comment too much on that."

When the judge asked him if he understood he was agreeing to the later deadline, Cetin answered, appearing to at least have the competence to understand.