SPOKANE, Wash — A North Spokane man woke up to his car vandalized Tuesday morning.

Brett Faison, owner of the vehicle, said the vandals broke his car window with a bucket of sand. Faison and a neighbor caught a few guys trying to break into his car last week too. Instead of calling the cops, he let them go, hoping they wouldn't return.

So Faison woke up this morning to his vandalized car believing it is the same guys from before.

"I would've figured that they would learn their lesson,” Faison said. “Having a grown man like me saying stay off my property."

The night Brett Chased them down, his vehicle wasn't the only one they broke into. A neighbor two blocks down was also hit by the burglars. This morning they woke up to their car vandalized as well.

In his first encounter with the suspects last week, Faison said he was able to corner one of vandals after searching for about two hours.

"At first I wanted to hurt them and then I started thinking about my family and my job and what I do for the community,” Faison said. “At the same time, for the community I know I don't want to make the news for hurting somebody or affecting their lives, I want to be fair."

Faison said the vandals also put the welcome sign from his front porch on top of the vehicle, slashed all four tires and broke the light post on his lawn.

Faison said he wishes he would not have let the guys off so easily last time.

"Now I'm wishing I wouldn't have let them go," Faison said.

Faison and his family have lived in their neighborhood for about two years. He said this is unusual activity for the area.

"The neighborhood is quiet,” Faison said. “We live in a community I feel like should be safe."

Faison filed a report with the Spokane Police Department and is currently waiting for an officer to follow up.

"I'm not here to press charges,” Faison said. “I'm here to say you know what? You did this but I forgive you."