LEWISTON, Idaho – A man is looking for the owner of some military dog tags he found in a beer stein he purchased at a thrift store on Main Street in Lewiston.

Christopher Wilks posted a picture of the tags on Facebook on June 27.

He said when he took the 1992 Winter Olympics stein home and started checking it out more, he found an envelope that had ‘Dad’s military dog tags’ written on it.

Inside the envelope, were the dog tags of Wilmer G. Priest. Wilks and his dad have tried tracking down the family of the veteran but have not had any luck. His dad posted it to a World War II buffs Facebook page and that only came up with dead ends too. Wilks is sharing the pictures on his own Facebook page, hoping that somehow, someway, the family might see it.

"I think that's the right thing to do. I don't see the point in me having them. I figure the best way for them to go would be back to the family," said Wilks.

If you think you might know the family, please contact KREM 2 or Wilks. Either of us will be happy to hear from you.