LEWISTON, Idaho-- Officials in Lewiston are re-opening a 35-year-old cold case.

The Nez Perce County Prosecutor's office and the Lewiston Police Department have created a unit of investigators to look into the disappearance of Brandy Miller, Kristina Nelson and Steven Pearsall.

They went missing in September of 1982. Two years later, Miller and Nelson's bodies were found near Kendrick. Police said they may have been murdered. Pearsall's body was never found. The Lewiston Tribute reports that it became known as the "Civic Theater Murders" because each victim had a connection to the midtown theater. There was also a man who was a suspect in their disappearances who was active in theater, although he was never charged.

The team of investigators started looking at evidence in the case earlier this year. That includes reviewing written reports and evidence collected, like DNA. Police said since technology has advanced since 1982, the team wants to submit some of the evidence for testing again. Everything will be looked at for the next several months.

“There are a few areas of interest that could bear some fruit in this investigation, but it involves a slow review process to make sure we cover everything. You never know when a key piece of evidence might break loose,” said Justin Coleman, Nez Perce County Prosecutor.

Officials said by opening the case, they hope the families of the victims will get closure and justice.