SPOKANE, Wash --- Bullets are being found in and around people’s homes near the Spokane Rifle Club and they are concerned.

One neighbor of the rifle club, John Fehlig, has found bullets on his front porch and at the bottom of his swimming pool before.

“How did a bullet get on my front porch? That’s scary,” Fehlig said.

On the other side of the fence is another neighbor, Deb Johnson, who had a close call with one bullet.

“I heard the shot then I heard the ricochet, and then it went 'bing!' right next to my leg on the deck. I went, 'ok then, this is not good,'” said Johnson.

Both neighbors have no issues with guns, but they do have issues with the potential risk to their safety after finding these bullets so close to home. They both also returned the bullets to the Spokane Rifle Club.

The Spokane Rifle Club said the bullets are likely hitching a ride.

"Spent bullets get picked up in guys boots walked out into the parking lot and picked up into car tires. We also have a 10 miles per hour speed limit on the property. So they drive up to the black top, speed up, and that stuff gets thrown out of those tires. So I bet if you go up there and run a metal detector down that area, you're going to find a few," said the club’s Executive Officer, Larry Bassett.

The range is 100 yards long and has several safety measures in place.

"It's baffled so that you can't see the sky, you can't get a bullet out of there," said Bob Orth, the President of the club.

At the end of the range is a sand berm that is cleaned out every two to five years too. There is also a safety officer on duty at all times, and both Larry and Bob said residents should not be concerned for their safety.

The club asked residents to take note of when they find the bullets, so they can check the club’s sign in sheet to determine who was shooting at that time.

Check out the full Spokane Rifle Club safety rules here http://on.krem.com/2souZJE