SPOKANE, Wash. – Neighbors suspect three small brush fires along the Upriver Dam were intentionally set Saturday.

On July 12, Steve Leeberg captured video surveillance of a man on a bicycle stop by the fence behind his house, start a fire with a lighter then get back on his bicycle and ride away. After the three brush fires not too far from his home, Leeberg worries it is the same man who is starting them.

“I’m fairly convinced that it’s the same person. He lit this one on fire on the 12th, went down five more blocks on the upriver and set another fire up there, then two nights ago he did the same thing on this very street, went down five blocks set a fire, came back up five blocks and set a fire,” explained Leeberg.

Leeberg said he gave the surveillance video to arson investigators and hopes somebody will know who the man is before he strikes again. “I’m hoping we catch this guy because he’s waiting until people go to sleep to set these fires and almost every house in this neighborhood is a young family or retired couple,” said Leeberg.

If you have any information on the string of fires, call Crime Check at (509)-456-2233.