What was supposed to be a day of celebration turns into a nightmare.

Moments before proposing, an Overland police officer's girlfriend was seriously injured in a dirt biking accident.

A week later, she's still fighting for her life, and now the officer needs the community's help.

Officer Shaun Terry describes his girlfriend Holly Williamson as a bit of a book worm.

Williamson, an accountant, one day began taking an interest in dirt bikes. That's why last Saturday, he planned to surprise his girlfriend on the track with an engagement ring.

"He had a spot picked out that we were going to go to. We were going to fake a bike malfunction where we had to get down and look at the motorcycle and he was gonna get up with the ring and I would have my camera on. I don't think she had any idea," said Kyle Crangle, a friend of the couples.

"I figured this is something she loved to do. I thought what better way than doing what she loves," said Terry.

But moments before they made it to the spot, Williamson had a bad crash. She broke her spine and arm, and fractured her skull.

She was airlifted to Mercy Hospital.

Photos: Overland officer's delayed proposal.

"It was just going to be an outstanding day of joy. Instead it turned into the worst thing that's ever happened," said Crangle.

Now instead of planning a wedding, Terry is left watching the love of his life fight for her life.

"You're looking at possible paralysis, possible disability issues, movement of your hands and arms, things like that," said Terry.

Williamson's prognosis remains uncertain because she hasn't woken up since arriving at the hospital.

But Terry says as soon as she does open her eyes, he'll be there to make sure they get back on track.

"There hasn't been a single time that's crossed my mind that I don't want to propose to her. I just look at it like, when she's having a down day, or a tough day, or a positive day, I could ask the question then," said Terry.

A police sergeant who works with Terry set up a GoFundMe account to help with Williamson's medical bills.