SPOKANE, Wash --- There was a march for racial justice Saturday afternoon, stemming from “the community’s displeasure with the verdict in last month’s Bushnell trial,” said the organizer’s Facebook page.

The Facebook page also said,” the march is intended…to address ongoing racial disparities, and to demand justice and racial equity within Spokane’s criminal justice system.”

The march was organized by the Spokane NAACP, Spokane Community Against Racism and the Spokane Minister’s Fellowship. The march started at Liberty Park and went to fifth and Altamont, the spot where William Poindexter was shot in 2015. They marched with the sound of some of the marchers drumming.

“I felt I need to be out here, you know I’m a father I’ve got two daughters I needed to be out here and couldn’t stand by and just let it be,” said demonstrator, Bryan Stone.

Stone also said when people get off for killing black men he cannot help but worry he won’t be around for them.

People gathered at Liberty Park, then marched to have their voices heard, and bring what they call injustices to light.

“It’s not just enough to talk about it, we got to be about it. And a vital part of that is expressing our concerns and our emotions in a healthy, constructive and productive manner,” said the NAACP President, Kurtis Stanley.

The demonstrators expressed themselves through songs, poems and standing together in silence, all in the hope of helping mend something they say is broken.

“We know the information out there of how people of color are pushing through the justice system or how the justice system does not work for them and so I felt it was important to come out here so we realized that this is part of a larger political situation that we have here in the U.S.” said demonstrator, Jackie Vaughn.