POST FALLS, Idaho — The nuns at St. Dominic's school and convent near Post Falls said teens have been trespassing on their property and verbally assaulted them for a long time.

The nuns said the teens will come right into their main parking lot at St. Dominic’s. When nuns are just a couple of dozen yards away, the teens will swear and yell insults directly at them.

The nuns who live at the convent said they believe the teens are going out of their way to harass them.

"It's becoming more and more aggressive,” Sister Aimee Dominique said.

The nuns said the occurrences are also becoming more frequent. The most recent incident happened Monday night.

"A large group of boys were standing out here, screaming, shouting, hooting, and screaming profanities, right under the windows where three sisters reside,” Sister Dominique said.

Some of the teens started banging on the shutters. The nuns said it woke them up.

Sister Marie Stella has had her own run-ins with the group as well.

"A car pulled in, and someone pulled his head out of the passenger side and started shouting obscenities at me,” Sister Stella said. “Really vulgar things. Gestures out the window that were really disgusting."

St. Dominic's is located near the state line. You have to go out of your way to get there. For that reason, the sisters at the convent feel they are being targeted.

The nuns once caught a group of kids who made it sound like a prank that has gotten out of control.

"They told us that it was kind of a dare at their high school to come by and visit the 'nunnery.' That's the term they used," a nun at St. Dominic's said.

Sister Dominique said St. Dominic's is not just a convent, but a small private Catholic school as well.

"It's very invasive. And our concern is for the security of our students,” Sister Dominique said.

While it does not appear that the teens have stolen or vandalized anything in the past, they are still trespassing.

"I find it really bizarre," Sister Stella said. "It's really unfortunate that there are people out in the world who cannot tolerate that others find their peace and their truth in God."

The sisters said these incidents are not only becoming more common, but in some instances, the language used by these kids is sometimes violent.

"We don't know what to expect from them. So that is, yes, frightening," a nun at St. Dominic's said.

In some instances, like on Monday night, the nuns call authorities. However, by the time deputies arrived, it is too late.