SPOKANE, Wash.-- A Spokane mother is hoping the community can help her son battling a rare condition.

Two-year-old Grayson Weidmer is just like any toddler with a love for Mickey Mouse and his toys, but he often has his struggles and his mom said there are many.

"If he gets too excited he could have a seizure from it, if he gets too upset he can have a seizure from it," said Jordan Wiedmer, Grayson's mother.

Since birth Grayson has battled a rare form of epilepsy called "Dravet syndrome."

His mother said nearly every day and at any given moment, his body takes over and he can't do any thing about it.

"He can have dropped seizures where he just falls in the middle of whatever he is doing," said Jordan.

She said his bigger seizures can last anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours, often prompting an overnight stay at the hospital almost every two weeks.

"It gets worse as they get older, there's never a point where it's not bad," said Jordan.

Kailtin Nuetznann, a friend of Jordan's, often babysits Grayson. In the past, she said she has found herself on the phone with Grayson's mother, as she tries to help him during one of his episodes.

"I'm really concerned for him and how far it's going to go," said Nuetznann.

Grayson's mother said she keeps him under 24-hour surveillance to make sure he is safe.

However, she can't do it all which is why she decided to hold a fundraiser to get Grayson a service dog.

"The dog will be trained to alert me to the fact that he is having a seizing, it will also be used for mobility and balance," said Wiedmer.

On Saturday, Jordan said she expects many people to walk their pets as part of a fundraiser to help Grayson's family get him the help he needs.

"This will be life-changing for him," said Jordan.

They say dogs are man's best friend, and Grayson's could be life saving.

"The things these animals can do are absolutely amazing and it will make life easier for everybody and he will have a belt and a best friend that he will have for life," said Jordan.

The event will take place at High Bridge Park on Saturday Oct. 14 starting at 9 a.m.

The family said they are hoping to raise about $9,500 so they can be on their way to Ohio to pick up a dog for Grayson.

If people would like the register for the event or donate, you can find the link to the event on their web page.