SPOKANE, Wash.-- A local man is giving back to the program that he said saved his parents' lives.

For years, Pete Kleweno worked as a nurse and now that he is semi-retired, he said he spends one to three days a week delivering meals to those in need across Spokane.

For about a year now he has been a volunteer for Spokane's Meals on Wheels program.

Each time he comes in, he picks up his red bag full of hot meals, packs his car and then heads out to deliver food.

Kleweno said the program serves many seniors who are infirm, sick, alone, home bound or unable to cook for themselves.

He remembered a time when when both of his parents were in need of help after his mother suffered from a series of strokes.

"She couldn't cook anymore, she couldn't do the books, couldn't do checks, and my dad couldn't do any of that. So, and he couldn't cook," said Kleweno. "So just to survive, they got Meals on Wheels and Meals on Wheels kind of saved their lives," he said. "I know how important it is because it was important for my mom and dad, because they wouldn't have eaten if they didn't have that.

Kleweno said people who receive the meals are very grateful for both the food and the interaction.

He also said he enjoys putting smiles on faces and even making friends during deliveries.

Meals on Wheels also checks to make sure those receiving meals are doing well, something that he said his experience as a nurse, is very helpful.