SPOKANE, Wash. – Liberty Ciderworks planned to host a release party Tuesday night to benefit Second Harvest.

Second Harvest has teamed up with Liberty Ciderworks to create a cider that has come full circle, so to speak.

The idea came to Rick Hastings of Liberty Ciderworks like an apple falling out of a tree. He wanted to create a hard cider using apples from backyards, a tree growing alongside the road and abandoned orchards.

“A lot of them really aren’t good because they’re blemished or dinged… not something you want to just bite into. But it’s good fruit, it’s got potential. So, it has potential to make good cider,” explained Hastings.

Second Harvest collected donations of bad apples and sent them to Liberty Ciderworks to begin the cider-making process.

“The process involves grinding them up into a pulp. You shove the whole apple in and it makes this chunky apple sauce,” explained Hastings. “Then it goes through a press and all the juices express and on the other side of the press is the dry pulp, which goes to pig farmers and ranchers. Then we get the juice and ferment it.”

Hastings said he was taking a risk with the mix of odd apples.

“You don’t know what these apples are going to yield and I decided to do a wild yeast ferment,” said Hastings.

Once the process is complete, the apples make it full circle. “Spokane Scrumpy Cider” is then shipped back to Second Harvest to be sold. A portion of the proceeds from the release party and statewide sales will be donated to Second Harvest.