MOSCOW, Idaho -- Leaders at the University of Idaho have wrapped up their investigation into an on-campus explosion that hospitalized four students back in April.

Now that commencement has come and gone, an executive team in Moscow sat down on Friday to look at the findings from the investigation.

Four students from the campus' rocket club were injured after experimental rocket fuel they were testing exploded. The blast could be heard from off campus as well. While authorities had said no criminal acts occurred, U of I put together its own task force to look in to what happened.

"It was a fairly robust group of folks who came together to do the review. Because there's lots of different facets that we need to look at,” Vice President of Infrastructure Dan Ewart said.

Included were public safety staff, the dean of students, and academic staff. The team reviewed school policy that governs clubs, experiments like these, and more.

"Everything from how we form student organizations to how we conduct risk management activities," Ewart explained.

Officials said the investigation also looked at school communication procedures during and after the blast.

KREM 2 attempted to reach out to club members for comment have not been successful, but we are told the injured students are doing OK.

In terms of classwork, three of the four students were able to complete the semester on time. The school said it is working with the fourth student who was injured as well.

The findings of that investigation will be made available to the media. However, that won't happen until the end of next week at the earliest.