MOSCOW, Idaho --- A man in Moscow faces charges after being accused of breaking into his ex-wife’s apartment and attacking her while she slept.

Eliseo Deleon-Tye, 24, confessed to officers he went into the apartment to look for a flash drive. He told police a man named “Gemini” told him he had to get the flash drive from his ex-wife or Deleon-Tye’s sister’s life would be in jeopardy, according to court documents.

Deleon-Tye told police he looked throughout the apartment before going into his ex-wife’s room and stabbing her, according to court documents. He said, according to court documents, he did not want to kill his ex-wife, but just wanted to incapacitate her.

The victim was a student at the University of Idaho, university officials confirmed. She told police she was woken up by a person in her bedroom wearing a ski mask and sunglasses. She said she screamed as loud as she possibly could, and struggled with the man before he threw her on the floor and began stabbing her.

She said after a few minutes, the attacker stopped stabbing her and asked if she wanted to die slow or fast or if he should kill himself. The victim said the man pulled off the ski mask and revealed himself to be her ex-husband. Police arrived soon after.

The victim had 14 stab wounds in her torso, with puncture wounds to multiple organs.

Deleon-Tye faces charges for attempted murder and burglary. He is due in court later this month.