KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho – The Kootenai County Clerk said numerous people in the county are upset over voter registration forms being sent out by a group in Washington D.C.

Kootenai County Clerk Jim Brannon said a group calling themselves the Voter Participation Center mailed pre-completed voter registration forms to relatives of long-deceased former county residents or to relatives of people who have never been residents of Idaho.

“Citizens are concerned that they or their loved ones are part of a scam geared toward voter fraud,” Brannon noted.

Elections Manager Carrie Phillips said she has contacted the Idaho Secretary of State and learned that while other counties have also complained about voter confusion, there is nothing to prevent this.

“This group promised to follow up in eight weeks to again prompt voters to register, so we phoned and asked them not to do another mailing. They agreed to our request, and we appreciate that,” Brannon noted.

Residents with questions on any elections mailing or other matter are encouraged to call 208-446-1030.