HAYDEN LAKE, Idaho – Thousands of gallons of raw sewage seeped into Hayden Lake due to a failed sewer service connection.

Hayden Lake Recreational Water and Sewer District representatives were notified about the sewage leak on Wednesday morning. The sewage seeped from the ground near 4025 E. Jacobs Latter Trail in Hayden.

An estimated 3,500-17,000 gallons of raw sewage were released into the lake over an unknown period of time, representatives said in a release.

The discharge was reported to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.

Officials said the area was heavily disinfected with sodium hypochlorite, washed and does not pose a known threat to the public’s health. At this time, there are no environmental impacts that will require further action from the Hayden Lake Recreational Water and Sewer District, the release stated.