POST FALLS, Idaho – The Post Falls Police Department is investigating a case involving a student who is accused of putting laxatives in homemade brownies and passing them out to classmates.

Per documents, on April 27, police were called to River City Middle School on North Fir Street for a reported call about drugs.

Once on scene, authorities learned the person who brought the brownies had already been picked up by his mother.

As police investigated, school officials told them they had heard from a few students who had reported feeling ill. One student told school officials that she had been given a brownie during lunch by the student and he told her it was a “marijuana brownie.” She told school officials she did not finish the brownie after he told her that.

Another female student told officials she had a headache and had eaten a brownie earlier but spit it out because “it tasted funny.”

School officials spoke with the student who brought the brownies to find out where they were and turned them over to police when they arrived. Before police left, a probation officer contacted the school to state they spoke with the student who brought the brownies. He reportedly told them they were not marijuana brownies, but rather brownies with some sort of laxative in them.

Back at the station, police tested the brownie and confirmed they did not have marijuana in them, but did have a laxative.

When authorities spoke with the mother of the student, she said he took the brownies to school to give to friends and a teacher. When police told her that he did not bring them with genuine intentions, she said he made them with a neighbor kid.

The student told police a couple of the brownies were meant as a prank because he knew there was laxatives in them. He admitted to bringing the brownies to school and handing them out, but denied telling people they had marijuana in them.

When police said multiple people ate the brownies with the expectation of getting high, the student said “it was not suppose to go down like that.” The student said he ate the brownies as well and did not get sick.

The student was suspended from school for five days. Authorities said the student could face charges of possession of a controlled substance.