COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – This winter has seen an unusually high amounts of snowfall. The snow causes all sorts of problems on roads and homes. A North Idaho repair company said it has caused another big issue, sinking boats.

Heavy snow and ice can weigh down boats and cause them to take on water. North Idaho Maritime employees said they have had to retrieve more boats completely submerged underwater.

"This is the Inland Northwest,” North Idaho Maritime Superintendent Jason Garvey said. “It's what we have to deal with up here."

Garvey said they have had to do a lot more boat recovery than normal. The company does several things on the water like using a crane to pull up sunken boats and pump out the water.

“Basically, the snow load gets it down low enough in the water where it starts filling up the boat," Garvey said.

The freeze-thaw cycle is to blame, a constant need to pump out water can fry electrical systems.

"The bilge pumps running all the time,” Garvey said. “Then the batteries end up getting burnt up."

Not every boat is at risk of sinking because of the snow. Owners should check on their vessels that stay on the water and clear off the snow before it starts to pile up.

"It wears you down a little bit, but you know it's coming,” Garvey said. “You just make the best of it, really. That's all you can do."