Coeur d’Alene, Idaho --- For the first time we are hearing from the sister of one of the three people who died following the boat crash on Lake Coeur d’Alene.

Authorities are still investigating the crash, but no charges have been filed.

Family and friends have decided to hold a rodeo for the two men who died in the boat crash.

"His dream was to be in the PRCA, make it to the NFR, said Honken’s sister, Heather.

It was not until his senior year in high school, when Justin Honken discovered his love of steer wrestling.

His goal was to become a professional rodeo cowboy.

"I remember, we would sit down on the coach and he would be like a little kid. He would pull out his PRCA book with all the different rodeos that were going to be scheduled for the year. And he would be like 'help me pick out which ones I'm going to,” said Heather.

Honken had close to a dozen rodeos planned out for his summer.

Unfortunately, those were all competitions that the aspiring bull dogger would never compete in.

In late July, Honken was on a boat on Lake Coeur d’Alene with his friend Justin Luhr and Caitlin Breeze when they were hit by another boat.

It tooks days before the bodies were found at the bottom of the lake.

"It's been unbelievably hard. That was my best friend. And he's no longer here anymore,” Heather said.

On Friday night, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office said the detectives are still investigating the case.

No charges had been filed against the people in the other boat.

Friends and family of Honken and Luhr are trying to get past the horrible incident.

Friends contacted Honken’s sister, Heather, and asked if she wanted to help put on the rodeo for the two men.

"Its been awesome. I can't thank them enough,” Heather said.

The rodeo, which is set for Oct. 8 at the Kootenia County fairgrounds, will notably feature steer wrestling.

There will also be a live and a silent auction, dinner, and dancing.

While it will be tough watching the chutes, and not seeing Honken shooting out of them, Honken’s sister said that was what was best.

"It's a good way to celebrate both him and Justin Luhr in the way that they would want. It's honestly just a huge celebration of life,” Heather added.

The family said if you are wanting to attend the event, please purchase tickets in advance.

They will only have a limited number of tickets available at the door.